Road Trip Rules

Next weekend my nephew, Alex, and I are going on a short road trip. We are driving to Indianapolis for two days. He is five years old and this will be his first vacation without his parents.

My brother’s family came over this weekend and Scott, Alex and I talked about it. I want the boy to have fun. I also want him to be a good traveler. More important, I want him to grow into a good traveling companion. I told him there would be some rules. OK, he said. What are the rules?

Me: Rule #1 – You can eat as much candy as you want.
Scott: (rolls his eyes.)
Alex: Whoaaa!!!
Me: But.  Rule #2 – Everyone must try to go potty every time we stop.
Alex: I do that!
Scott: No, you do not. What happened when we went to the football game?
Alex: (looks at him blankly)
Scott: Remember the potty emergency in the car on the way home?
Alex: (still looking at him blankly)
Scott: Because you didn’t go potty when I said you should!
Alex: (calmly turns to me) What other rules?
Me: Rule #3 – Do not wake up anybody that is sleeping.
Alex: I can be quiet! I don’t wake up the girls when they are sleeping!
Me: OK, then. Last rule: Everyone gets a vote about what we do, but the driver gets to decide.
Alex: (seems skeptical) Hm. OK.

I was pretty encouraged.

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