The Child Has Snark

The other night I went over to my brother’s house after work because my nephew, Alex, had a T-Ball game.  I was holding my niece, Ainslie, age 19 months.  The age when they are just picking up words and using them in context.  Alex, age 5, was running around like a crazy kid in a Sox uniform, all excited.  Ainslie wanted to get down and run around, too.  She started to squirm.

Me:  Ainslie, do you want to get down?

Of course she wanted to get down.  I wanted her to say “down”.

Ainslie:  (continues to squirm)
Me: (to my brother) Does she know the word “down”?
Scott: (shrugs) She knows “up”.
Ansline: (mumbles something that might have been) Down.

I put her down.

Ainslie: (to my brother)  UP!  DOWN! UP! DOWN!

At that moment, Alex came tearing into the room, ran head first into the kitchen cabinet and landed sprawled all over the floor.  He was not hurt, and may have done it to amuse his sister in a comic book sort of way.

Ainslie:  HA HA!  DOWN!

People.  She sounded exactly like Nelson Muntz:

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