Return Trip

Yesterday morning, I kinda wanted to go back to the Little City Book Sale. There were so many tables that I missed and a bunch of inventory that they hadn’t even brought out yet. I figured if I got there right when it opened, I could get out before the crowd grew too big.

So I looked at my bookcase and said that if I could purge some right now, that I would go back. Between my TBR and my old books I found a dozen or so to donate to the library. Not enough to actually solve my space problem, but that wasn’t my mental deal.

I arrived a good 15 minutes before it opened and stood in line before the place opened. I was actually reading a book, and people were trying to talk to me. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, because I was still just a little bit embarrassed to be there. Who needs to go to the same book sales twice?  I was hoping I wouldn’t run into anyone I know. Anyone that reads my blog and would know that I was here last weekend.

So we went in and I hit the spots I needed to hit and only had four books in my bag. I was about to leave when it started pouring. Hm. I went over to the Mystery tables to look for that Megan Abbott book. I nearly walked into my friend Kris. I haven’t actually seen her in a few years, but we keep up online. And she reads the blog. Crap. Then I remembered:

She was here last weekend, too. And her cart had three times as many books as I had. Although, she reads three times faster than I do.

Heh. It reminded me of a story from high school: one morning either because I was running late or because I had no clean clothes, I wore an old Bears jersey to school. I normally wore it to bed. I thought, “I don’t care. No one is going to know, anyway.” The first person I ran into that morning was Kris. Who knew. But what was this? She was wearing an old maroon, button down shirt of her dad’s. It was embroidered with his initials. She was wearing her pajamas to school, too! It was a kind of, “Let’s never speak of this again” moment. Until we got to first period and told everyone we knew.

So we caught up a bit, which was nice. And totally justified my return trip.

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