The Product of My Affection

Weekend Assignment #322: Product Placement

Okay, let’s shift gears to something very commonplace. Product Placement. We all have a certain product in our lives we simply couldn’t live without. Tell us about your favorite product. How long have you used it? Why is it the best? If it were no longer on the market, what would you use instead? Give us all the details!

Extra Credit: Time to get creative. Take a photo of your favorite product!

Since I will not be taking a picture of my American Express card, I am going with my car. So very suburban of me, I know. I drive a Saturn Vue. Yes, I do need an SUV. At the time I bought her, I had two sixty pound dogs and I took them places. Now, I also cart around birds and books for my volunteering gigs. Not to mention the four-wheel drive that is rather convenient in a Chicago winter.

Since she is seven years old and they have stopped making this car, I have given some thought to what I will do when I drop her transmission on Route 53. The Ford Escape seems the only logical conclusion. But what would I do if I simply couldn’t drive anymore?


I guess I’d have to move to the city.

This is a picture of my car from the winter before last.  I was blogging about this awesome phenomenon in Chicago, where on the first clear Saturday we all go to the car wash.  Sit in the queue for 45 minutes for the privilege of paying 10 bucks to wash the road salt off our vehicles.  Personally, I stop at the ladies room and pick up a Big Gulp before getting in line.

2 Comments on “The Product of My Affection

  1. Wow, that was impressively dirty! I don't miss that aspect of winter at all, namely the ravages of snow and road salt and sanding. I remember my dad filling in rusted parts of his car with pot scrubbers and putty! (Then again, Arizona heat is destroying my car in other ways, so there's probably no perfect place for them!)But I'm sorry to hear the Vue is no longer being made. I liked those. I hope yours lasts a while longer!

  2. I love the idea of carting around birds and books for volunteering gigs. It really makes one wonder what it is you do! I don't have a car – neither my husband nor me drive. That's one of the reasons why we couldn't move to the States.

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