OMG with this Cat

I believe I have mentioned that Spooky the Cat, age 19, has been slowing down and mellowing out.  When he isn’t howling for attention at 5am.  Several times this past winter, I came home to find him in the exact place I left him in the exact condition – which would be asleep.  I would wonder if he had even moved.

I took the day off on Friday to help set up the Library’s Used Book Sale and when I came home, I decided that everyone was going out in the backyard.  I got a book and my stadium blanket, then grabbed Spooky’s leash.  I found Spooky exactly where I had left him that morning – in bed.  He protested all the way downstairs and out the door, but was very happy when he figured out the game plan.  We stayed outside for about an hour and he was all protesting again when it was time to go inside.

When we got upstairs, I opened the bedroom window and put him in the window sill.  Happy again.  That night, I went to sleep with the window open – he was still in the window sill.  2am, I was awakened by the rain and couldn’t close the window because he was still in it.

Saturday, he went downstairs and hovered around the back door until I took him back outside.  And tonight, I got this:

I guess he was just hibernating for the winter.

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