It occurs to me that I haven’t actually told you about my new niece, Ashlyn.  She was born Monday the 12th, when I was in Seattle.  Last Friday, I headed over to spend a couple of hours, as my brother had been out of town and wasn’t returning until late that night.  Becky’s mother had spent the week with her, but was heading home after she picked up Alex from school.

So Alex wasn’t home yet and Ainslie was asleep and Becky gave me the napping baby while she stepped outside to talk with a neighbor.  I was reading my book when Ashlyn started to squirm.  I knew she wasn’t hungry, so I put her on the floor to do a diaper check and before I could grab the diaper bag she had fallen asleep again.  Good timing because that was about when Ainslie, age 18 months, woke up.  Oh, but I snapped this pic first:

Yeah.  She’s a baby.  So Ainslie and I read a magazine and then she got up and started running around and just as I was starting to worry about watching them both…everyone else came home.

Three kids, man.  Seriously.

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