Time Suckage

Weekend Assignment #315: It seems that we’re all too busy these days to get around to everything we’d like to do, even if we had the money and means to do them. Is there a particular activity that takes up far too much of your time, and thus prevents you from getting around to other things?

Extra Credit: What is the #1 activity you wish you had more time for?
Two words: The Internet.
I cannot count how many nights I have said I was going to finish a book, or start watching those back episodes of Chuck, or go to sleep early and ended up spending four hours online.  Then it will be – oh, I’ll just check in on Facebook one more time – and it will lead to a link that keeps me there for another 30 minutes.  Sometimes on a Saturday I will get online and forget that I was going to go play with Kiwi the African Grey or do the grocery shopping or cook something for dinner.  Or clean out that closet or do any. single. productive thing all afternoon.
It goes like this: I check Facebook, then the regular blogs, then look at the headlines from MSN and the Trib and USA Today…
Then I check my other e-mail address and see that Barnes and Noble has sent me a 15% off coupon, so I go spend 20 minutes on their website – then I might go to Amazon to comparison shop, or see what the Kindle freebies look like this week.  Which leads me to check the Amazon page for the Library’s Used Book Store to see if we have sold anything lately.   This is all assuming that I don’t have any real online shopping to do.
I keep saying that I want more time to read books, but when I have the time, I am always online.  Like right now.  Still.  You see?

3 Comments on “Time Suckage

  1. Yep. What we need is some kind of time hole we can hide into whenenver we're online. Playing on the internet is not productive, so it oughtn't to count, right?

  2. Hi AnneOh yes, the Internet can be completely addictive! I have managed to give up on Facebook, I have an account but don't check it anymore. It's just sitting there…lol…motionless, but my Twitter account is used every single day! I can identify with getting up from a perfectly comfy bed to check my Twitter feed one more time! LOL. It's fun though, isn't it? :)I am not sure if this is your first time playing the WA, but I do want to say WELCOME! :)All my best, Carly

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