The Minister’s Wife

The Chicago Tribune reports that Writers’ Theatre is sending another show to New York – The Minister’s Wife.  It is a musical adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s Candida.  It was produced last Spring.

I wrote about it last year and I remember it more fondly than it appears.

This isn’t the first production from Writers’ Theatre to be picked up in New York.  They did a new adaptation of Crime and Punishment that went Off Broadway a couple of years ago.  I am always glad to hear of these successes, although it means Michael Halberstam will spend a whole bunch of time in New York.  I hope he doesn’t start to neglect the projects he develops for Writers’ Theatre.  I’ve said it a hundred times – I don’t love everything they do, but I love that they do new things I would never otherwise experience.  Michael has always made that happen.  This makes me think of something I once heard in New Orleans:

I was taking one of those cooking classes and another student asked what the instructor thought about Emeril.  The answer has stuck with me for years (obviously):

“Emeril has done great things for the culinary industry and great things for New Orleans.  But I wish he would spend less time on television and more time in his own kitchen.”

That was the judgement of a peer.  This is only the anxious thought of an admirer.  Here’s hoping Michael doesn’t bail out on his own kitchen.

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