I noticed my first day that practically on property there is a “petroglyph field”.  The old “King’s Trail” ran through here and when people camped out for the night, they carved stuff into the rocks.  They are dated back 500 years.  So first I head over to the King’s Trail:

More climbing.
The hiking around was funny because there is a golf course on either side of the field and I kept wondering if there was a way over to the golf cart path so I wouldn’t have to rock-climb all the way back.
Then I see the first petroglyph, which happens to be about the best shot I could get of the carvings.  The rules are very strict in trying to preserve them – stay on the trail, no rubbings, etc.  But there wasn’t really anyone around to enforce it.

Then all of the carvings started to look the same – like crop circles carved in rock.  And then:

Those are the rock walls that the people camping here build to block the wind at night.  Looks like much harder work to me.
Then I found the exit to the golf course and got the heck outta there.

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