Living Dead in Dallas, by Charlaine Harris

Book 6

This novel picks up with Sookie Stackhouse all lovey-dovey with Bill the vampire and staffed out by Eric the Sheriff to some vampires in Dallas for some telepathic sleuthing.  It also opens with the murder of LaFayette, who I really liked! 

Harris expands on her supernatural world by displaying the way that vampires travel and introducing some other supernatural creatures that are just mean.  She also lets Sookie grow up a bit, namely in getting it through her head that vampires drink blood and sometimes the urge to drink blood is so compelling that…oh, never mind.  There was a fight, Sookie pouted, they made up with a lot of sex.

Also.  Sookie does some work in tracking down LaFayette’s killer.  It leads her to an actual…um…swinger’s club?…in her very small hometown.
I.  Don’t.  Believe it.
Sookie is a telepath that has to struggle every single day to block out the thoughts of other people.  She has only recently gotten any good at it.  And she never heard one stray thought from that rather large group of people about such…..parties?  Her whole life?  And working as a waitress in the local bar? 
Anyway, the character of Eric is developing nicely and he is my new favorite guy.  Not that I am always rooting for him, but that I really want to hear about his history and motivation and stuff.  But I really have to read other stuff now.

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