And the Downside to Travelling Alone

I totally missed King Kamehameha’s statue.  I drove right through the little town where it lives, all the way to the end of 270 at the Pololu Valley Lookout.  Interesting thing about this island is that is really is all desert…desert….desert….rainforest!
Eh.  This picture totally doesn’t cut it.  But for about the 20th time on this trip I started down a little path, and said, “(groan) If I go down there, I will have to climb all the way back up.”  This time, I went about half way down.
That is one of the famous black sand beaches.  Apparently, the prettiest, most famous, most photographed one was destroyed by lava.
Driving back, I actually saw a sign for the statue, and still couldn’t find it.  Then I gave up.  Which ticks me off just a bit because I later read in my little guide book that there is a fabulous used book store about a block away.  
So, tonight being the horrible Hallmark Holiday, I am going to run to the little market for fruit and bread and cheese to have dinner in my room with Professor Rogers so as to see about finishing Paradise Lost .   Of course, after those last two lectures is Paradise Regained, but never mind that now.

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