Score Two For Kindle

I had watched several episodes of True Blood before I took a look at the novels on which it was based.  The Sookie Stackhouse series is on Book 9 or 10.  When I decided that I like it, I figured I might as well read the books.  Or at least the first one.

I went to, to see if I couldn’t burn through the rest of that gift card.  Too expensive.  Amazon, B&N, I don’t want to pay retail, I don’t want to pay shipping blahblahblah.  Then I went back to Amazon to check out the options for the Kindle. 

Books 1-8 in one box set download for $28.80.

I started mulling this over.  30/8 = less than four dollars per book.  Certainly within the realm of reason, assuming that I like them and read them all.  As if I need to read some more trashy vampire novels.  As if I didn’t blow past that quota in the 10th grade.  And then I look at my bookcase and do the need vs. want debate in my head.  Then I tell myself that I should use the Kindle more because it will make my brother happy.  Back and forth, back and forth.  So I go to my mother.

“I need you to talk me out of spending money stupidly,” I say.  And tell her my lame little dilemma. 

She tells me to buy the books.  Then she says, “Didn’t we determine there is a $50 minimum on having these debates?”

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why I cannot stop spending money.

So I buy them, and I start reading.

Here’s the good part.  Just as Utter Scoundrel was talking about people being pretentious with the books they read (or pretend to) in public, I was discovering that if you read your trashy vampire novels on the Kindle…no one knows.  No one knows!

(until I blog about it.)

2 Comments on “Score Two For Kindle

  1. I have a problem like that, but with DVDs. I dropped a hundred dollars on a batch of them at B&N this weekend.At least one of them was Lion in Winter, though.utter_blahblah

  2. Would that be the Buy 2 Get 1 sale? I nearly did the same thing. Then went to see which seasons of The West Wing I still need and I found my Season _Four_ of Lost is still wrapped in plastic.So glad I shop online.

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