Seattle, Take 2

Among the many, many reasons that I appreciate my employer is that it sends me to places that I would not have otherwise visited.  And while the Pacific Northwest has always been described to me as a lovely place to visit, it just wasn’t on my list as a priority vacation spot.

We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel on Pike Street.  I will have a rant on a certain pilot program later, but in general it was a nice place with a good restaurant and a great location.  Here was the view from my window, for those of you that like these things:

Interestingly, one afternoon when I ran back to go online and do my day job, I heard children screaming outside my window.  When I looked out and down:
I saw the playground of a daycare center.  It was a third floor rooftop adjacent to a high rise.  So that’s how they do it in the city.

Since I was there working, the opportunities to enjoy the city were primarily at dinner time.  I was with one group that went to the revolving restaurant in the Space Needle.  (Note to Joy:  I only ate there.  I didn’t see anything.) 

I skipped the appetizer, because I already figured that I might want dessert.  There was a special on the menu – I forget what it was called but it involved butternut squash risotto and shrimp.  We were dining late, and when the waiter said they were out of it I let out a rather loud “Aww, man!”.  Then he said he had two left in the back and asked if I wanted him to put one aside.  Ummmm…..yes.  Yes, I do.   And so I learned that tantrums sometimes work.

A couple of nights later, I went with a group to the aforementioned Waterfront Grill.  Again, skipped the appetizer because I had already seen the flaming Baked Alaska.  I ordered the crab-stuffed shrimp, which was lovely. 

Finally, on Wednesday, I went to Pike Place Market, known in my office as “that place where they throw the fish”.  Again, it was all about the food.  There was a lady handing out samples of baked apple chips.  Apple chips do not impress me, but I took one and walked on.  It was fabulous, and I went back to buy a bag.

I found a local history book that doesn’t look boring and also picked up a Seahawks jersey for the nephew’s birthday.  Then I came home.  Oh, and here are the random pics of the bay:

I still think it’s a hotbed of hippies. 

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