Domino’s Pasta in a Bread Bowl

There was a Domino’s Pizza up the road from my hotel, so Sunday night I decided to try the pasta bowl things they have been advertising.  My expectations weren’t high, which is a good thing. Check it out:

What does this look like to you?   Hmmm.  Looks to me like a pizza.  With rather too much crust.  Can’t even see any pasta on top of that thing.  “Penne with Italian Sausage” indeed.  Try “sausage pizza with some pasta baked in”.
The sauce was bland, which I guess is true of your average Domino’s pizza.  The sausage was sausage.  The dough was a bit better than I remember their pizza crust.  More garlic-buttery.   It filling and relatively cheap.  But not as cheap as Sonic, where I ate the next night and discovered the cherry-limeade which I am convinced is the best non-alcoholic beverage know to Man.
Seriously.  I have to go find where the nearest one is to my house.
Hm.  There is one up by my brother’s house.  I knew there was a reason I liked the boy.

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