Oh, Coward!

The second show of the season at Writers’ Theatre this season is a musical revue of Noel Coward material called “Oh, Coward!”.
In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I left at Intermission and didn’t come back. I didn’t actually see the entire thing.  I have done this a few times before. I am not proud of it, but…
This was the one show of the year in the old space at the back of the book store. They tend to get creative with the staging in this space. Because there isn’t much of it, they go for “intimacy”. What I didn’t know going in, but can see on the website now, is that it is a General Admission show. Which means that the fact that I have been a subscriber for my entire adult life could not get me a good seat, even though I was a good 20 minutes early. They made it rather clubby with the piano on one end and the audience around the sides. The front row had the benefit of cocktail tables. Would’ve been nice. In a regular show, when I normally have a front row seat, I regularly and cheerfully risk being spit on by the actors. But when the front row would have been a boon, it is General Admission. Oh, and there were Reserved Seats. Which was a crock, because random latecomers were seated there. I know they were random, as opposed to VIPs, because the usher searched for someplace else to put them before seating them right there in front of me at the cocktail table that four dozen other people wanted.
And one last thing about the seating: every seat was taken, even though I had my second subscription ticket, unused, in my pocket.
Now, then. I love Noel Coward. Writers’ Theatre has done two of his plays before and they were both great. “Private Lives” should really be produced more often. But a musical revue? I seem to recall the Master Singers doing one in high school. Oh, Coward! reminded me of that.
Three actors and a pianist. They came right out singing. In about 45 seconds, I was thinking:
I missed the second half of the Giants/Cowboys for this…and I could be doing homework. Or packing. Or watching the Vikings/Cardinals game. If I left at Intermission, I could go home do some homework and watch the game while I’m packing. Oh! And I could stop at Starbuck’s!
OK, I’m sorry. 
The actors were fine. The pianist was charming. I just don’t like the “revue” concept. So here is a link to a real review. Just remember to get there early.

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