I haven’t been to Arlington National Cemetery in a long time, I am ashamed to say.  In fact, this picture – pulled from its website – is about a good a view as I have gotten in a few years.  Last night, I was watching Professor Blight on Academic Earth and he was telling the story of its the house belonged to General Lee.  He was kind enough to skip the part about tearing up Mrs. Lee’s rose bushes so as to dig the graves on her front lawn.
On this Veteran’s Day, USA Today reviewed a book on the history of the Cemetery.  It is called On Hallowed Ground.  I am fairly certain there is a Bruce Catton book of that name in my library.  Professor Blight says to look at Lincoln’s two biggest speeches, pick three words strung together and you will find at least one Civil War history book with that title.  It still appears to rock.  I am informing the Internet so that someone picks it up for me for Christmas.  Because that would be an excellent way to thank a veteran.

Thank you for your attention.

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