The Water Bottle Problem

I like to carry around a bottle of water.  Not very eco-friendly.  I’ve been looking at the new stuff on the market, but none of them fit my personal requirements.  Like diswasher safeThen I found this one.  Rubbermaid calls it the “Chug Bottle”.  At CVS or something.  I bought six of them.

I am not ready to call this a confirmed success, but I am pretty happy so far.  It is a 20 ounce bottle.  I tend to screw the lid off as opposed to drinking from the pop up cap, mostly because I am afraid of leaving the cap loose and spilling water all over the place.  I toss them on the bed and in the car and stuff

I only put water in them, so I don’t wash them every day.  But I could, because they appear to be durable enough.  We have water coolers at home and at the office, but I am a snob and don’t feel like the water coolers are quite cold enough. These can take ice. I prefer to fill them up and put them in the refrigerator. The only trouble is how to tell whose bottle is whose.  I think I saw them in different colors.  Must buy more.

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