Stupid Eco Friendly Stuff

Dear Aquafina:

While I admire your corporate commitment to minimizing the carbon footprint of my bottled water habit, I must say that your new bottles suck.
I bought a case of 16 ounce bottles in the new packaging and am now about halfway through it.  In opening all but one of the bottles, I have spilled water all over the place.  One needs a firm grasp on the body of the bottle in order to break the seal in the cap of the plastic.  That grasp collapses the “eco-friendly packaging” and the water squeezes out.
That’s just poor engineering.  Respectfully, I’m going back to Ice Mountain.

3 Comments on “Stupid Eco Friendly Stuff

  1. Busy! Glad to see you're still around. The Aquafina incident has driven me to attempt using the actual reusable bottles. I am trying Rubbermaid's diswasher safe stuff.

  2. Oh yes, I totally feel you… try putting Crystal Light in it. Especially the fruit punch flavor that turns the water a deep red… I shook it and it splashed all over my BRAND NEW "antique rose" cardi from Old Navy. WTF Aquafina?

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