I Went to Seattle and It Was OK

Although whoever designed the Convention Center was nuts. Six story building and the first three or four floors are public space. Each year we invite the President to speak (and each year since Bush41 we have been turned down), and this year we were told not to expect him because the Secret Service hates the Seattle Convention Center. Difficult to secure or something.

We did go on a lovely dinner cruise on Lake Washington. Like the Lake Michigan cruises, the food was lame but we had a great time. My boss was the guest of honor because he is retiring next month. In his speech, he declared that retirement dinners were “just this side of waterboarding”. Before he got up to speak, a lady to whom I was just introduced demanded to know if I was going to cry. I gave her my honest answer, “Not unless they try to make me speak.”

Then we saw Bill Gates’ house. It was very pretty. I refused to take a picture; it seemed impolite.

Speaking of not looking like a tourist, I was asked directions while in town. Twice.

There were three coffee shops on every block and only one McDonald’s in the entire downtown area. And check this out:

I realize this is a terrible picture, but what is that big thing? A coffee bean roaster? It’s huge! Oh, and here is the required waterfront pic:

I had forgotten that half the world’s Alaskan cruises leave from Seattle.

I had breakfast at The Crumpet Shop. Twice. That was good stuff, and the funny part was that their Happy Hour is something like 7-8:30 am, when the lattes are $1.80. I had skim milk with my crumpet, thank you.

So. I will be back in January and then again in April. I hope I will remember to take better pictures. At least I will be done with school by then. I hope.

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