Things I Learned about My Dad (in therapy), edited by Heather Armstrong

Book 35

I had a Barnes & Noble gift card, so I found a copy of Things I Learned About My Dad (in therapy) from an Ohio library’s used book store. Heather Armstrong (aka Dooce) edited this series of essays from a variety of bloggers on the subject of fatherhood.

The themes were of understanding and forgiveness of the “Now I get it” variety. There were chuckly moments and teary moments. I liked Heather’s piece the best, but that is probably because I read her blog and know some back story about her old man. I would say that he is my favorite character in her blog but that might be revealing my own daddy issues. Again. Anyway, I really like Chuck the Dog best.

That was a funny piece, now that I am thinking about it. In Sarah Brown’s “The Best Man” she suggests that we all have daddy issues and hers is that she thinks her father is the most perfect man in the whole universe.

Overall, this was a pretty light read, and a pretty good mix of some of the better writers on the Internet. On this particular subject, anyway. How is it I have read Wheaton’s books yet?

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