The Moe’s Southwest Grill didn’t last very long in Northbrook, which was sad. But last month, a new burger place called Meatheads moved into its place. I wasn’t sure why the heck we needed one more burger place, but for one reason or another my mother was driving by there and picked up some carry out for dinner.

We each had a kiddie sized burger, which they call the ‘Lil Meathead, and cajun fries.

The burgers are the really pressed-flat kind and pretty crispy around the edges. Tasted just fine, but the cajun fries were the main event for me:

Fresh. Cut. French fries. With cheese sauce.

I love this place.

Overall, Meatheads is rather pricey for quick service burgers. But the restaurant looks great, the location is good and omg the fries. They have been open for six weeks and we have been there three times.

It looks like the other locations are college-towns.. Naperville and downstate. I wouldn’t drive halfway across the state for it (Cook County has plenty of hot dog joints with fresh cut fries, thank you), but if Meatheads is in your path, I recommend it.

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