Conversations with Alex

I was having dinner last night with my nephew, Alex, aged 4 1/2. My brother, Scott, was waiting for his wife so they could leave for dinner:

Scott: Alex, tell Aunt Anne what we did today.
Alex: We went to see the Barrington Broncos practice (football).
Scott: What did we do before that?
Alex: Played football (on the field).
Scott: How many touchdowns did you score?
Alex: A hundred.
Me: Alex, do you know the word “exaggerate”?
Alex: How do you spell it?
Me: E,x….
Scott: (snorts)
Me: E,x,a,g,g,e,r,a,t,e.
Alex: What the heck is that?
Me: It’s when you say that you scored 100 touchdowns, but it was really less than that.
Scott: Alex, it wasn’t really 100, was it?
Alex: No.
Scott: But it was probably 20.

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