Permanent Residents

So much for highlighting the adoptables:

At the Refuge tonight, I found that one of my favorite Permanent Residents, Comet the Umbrella Cockatoo, had been moved to a different cage in a different room. She has always been rather easily startled, but since she was moved upstairs for the renovation, she has been nearly phobic. I would pick her up and she would cuddle, but if anyone tried to take her anywhere – to a playstand for example, she would fly away in a panic.

Tonight, she let me take her out and bring her into the big room where PJ, the Queen of the Proverbial Jungle (and another Permanent Resident) was sitting on the big java tree. Comet and PJ sat together, grooming each other for about a half hour while I was working.

I went to take a picture, because they were so cute. But they went all diva as soon as they saw a camera:

I make an effort to avoid getting too attached to birds. The idea, after all, is for them to find homes and leave us. These, however, are my girls. So I was very happy to see them make each other happy.

Until they couldn’t stand each other any more. Whatever. It was time for dinner.

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