Stupid Facebook and Stupid Blogging

USA Today had a fun article about how everyone on Facebook and Twitter is boring:

“We all have to go to status-update charm school,” jokes Hal Niedzviecki, author of The Peep Diaries: How We’re Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors, who joined a slew of online social networks to investigate how they are changing the definition of privacy. “Just one in every million status updates is worth reading, maybe one in every 5 million if you’re looking for poetics.”

I agree. And I am glad that they are not picking on traditional blogs today.

Scalzi wrote not long ago about how people blog (or start blogs, anyway) for different reasons, which is why many have defected to Twitter. Some are trying to count their friends. Some want to post pictures of their babies. Few are more annoying to me than the people that think they are going to get famous.

Personally, I am in part meeting people and keeping in touch, part journaling (because I don’t keep a real one anymore) and part practicing the art of writing for purposes of putting out a half-decent employee newsletter. I should really start working on that now. Oh, and giving my mother the joy of correcting my English.

If I could only use this blog for one thing it would be keeping track of the books I have read and what, exactly I thought about them at the time. But my Facebook updates? They suck as much as the next guy’s.

2 Comments on “Stupid Facebook and Stupid Blogging

  1. Your use of the English language is just fine. It is the lack of proofreading with which I take umbrage. Has Blogger no spell check tool?

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