Friday Randomness

At the Office:

Summer hours have started in my office, which means Fridays are really quiet. I plan to spend a bunch of time in our mail room.

A dozen years ago, when I first started here, my boss told me that our mail room was overwhelmed with the new business brought in by our new affiliate company and if I had any spare time I should go help out there. I did, and it was fun. To this day I will maintain that the best way to learn the names of everyone in the company is to work for awhile in the mail room. Of course, as years went by (and my job changed and changed), I spent less and less time down there. And since we moved to the big-bad office complex I am rarely there at all. The equipment has evolved and I am afraid to touch anything, but I think it will be fun.


Many years ago, I asked my mother to pick up some oatmeal at the grocery store. There is only one flavor of oatmeal allowed in my house: Maple & Brown Sugar. I thought she also understood that there is only one brand: Quaker Oats. She brought home the Jewel brand, saying it was on sale and was exactly the same thing.

It was not.

This morning, I wanted something hot for breakfast and picked up some oatmeal at the deli. It was not Quaker Oats. It was not the same thing:

It isn’t bad exactly. It just tastes wrong.

Ongoing Search for the Perfect Hand Cream:

This is hardly worth reviewing because I don’t think it is made anymore. However, I was running low on hand cream at the office, so I brought this one from home:

Breathe:energy from Bath & Body Works has shea butter, so for work I’ll have to be careful what I touch after applying it. But that means it does last for the entire time between bathroom breaks/hand washings. The scent on this one is ginger verbena, which I really like. It was pretty expensive at $12.50, but I bought it at 75% off at the last clearance sale.

Geez. It really feels very Friday today.

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