Too Much Responsibility

Last night, while I was at the library, my mother sent me an e-mail saying that my friend Jodi called and asked me to call her back when I got home. I am flying to New Orleans to meet Jodi and her husband, Rich, tomorrow and my mother was worried that something might be wrong.

I wasn’t going to make a call from the desk at the library, but I checked my Blackberry to be sure I had her number. I could tell that the home number was old which made me less sure of the cell phone number. I checked her Facebook info. The cell number is correct.

Then I saw that she had posted an update. She was on the train. I forgot that Rich doesn’t really like to fly so they compromised – train on the way down and fly back home. And if she was on the train, I could presume that everything was fine.

Kay thought that was the best use for Facebook that she had ever heard. Alert the press.

So when I got home, I tried to call and left Jodi a message. Then I started staring at my bookshelves. What should I take with me on vacation? I posted that thought on Facebook. This morning, I saw Jodi had sent a message that she forgot her book and I should bring her something good, too.

Am I a freak or is that serious responsibility?

First, she might hate a book that I pick. If I give her something “good” in the universal sense – not up for debate, we have all agreed teh book is good – it might not be vacation material. If I give her an Oprah book, she might roll her eyes. Or think I am judging her an Oprah-type.

Oh, and then calculate the percent probability of getting back books that you lend to people. Modify for the fact that Jodi lives in Milwaukee and I don’t see her very often at all. I don’t want to lend her a really good book.

I am tearing my hair out.

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