Another Thrift Shop

Friday, on my way to the Library to help set up the book sale, I passed by a new resale store. I forget the name but it had a big tarp sign that didn’t even cover the outline of the old sign – the place used to be a Curves gym.

Resale stores are popping up right and left these days. Besides the recession trend, I imagine it is a renter’s market right now, making set up pretty cheap. A couple of years ago, a used book store landed in Randhurst mall. They were practically giving books away and I couldn’t believe they would be able to stay in business. My mother reminded me about introductory rental rates, and we later found that Randhurst was getting ready to close for construction. So if one has a mobile-ish business, I guess there are opportunities.

Some of the stores are raising funds for charities. WINGS has had a resale store in Palatine for about ever and now there is one near the Golf Mill mall. They might even have a third by mow, raising funds for victims of domestic violence. Another new one in Glenview, Full Circle was written up in the Glenview Announcements recently:

Rather than dilute the growing market of resale shops in Glenview, Solyst and Brechlin believe each is finding a niche for specialty items. The Village Treasure House has the most furniture and home accessories, the resale shop at the Glenview Community Church has a large variety of clothing and Full Circle offers a lot of purses, jewelry and accessories.

I stopped in a couple of weeks ago and bought this:

I had a hook in the ceiling where a lamp used to hang, so for $8.00, this fits. Although as you see, I don’t know what the basket should hold.

I drove by the new one today. Closed on Sundays. Hm. Charities can get away with Closed on Sundays. Not sure about a real for-profit retail establishment.
We shall see.

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