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I haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy in months. Since that one that ended with McDreamy and McSteamy pummeling each other on the mezzanine. Grey’s is on while I am at the library, so I had been watching the Tivos on weekends. Except that I started choosing homework over Tivo and fell behind. I happened to tune in for the last 30 minutes of the finale – which was great – so now I am all caught up.

It’s like when I used to keep up with General Hospital by reading the recaps online.

Lost, on the other hand, I watch in real time. The season has been up and down, but the finale was pretty good. Except when Juliet punked out.

I am supposed to believe that she is going to blow up the island so that she never has to meet Sawyer so that she never has to lose him? First of all, that’s lame. Second of all:

“I saw the way you looked at her”?

Bee oh oh atche oh oh. (Is that how you spell “H”)?

As far as I can tell, the guy has been nothing but awesome to you this entire time. He has done every. single. thing. you asked of him. And even the things you just manipulated him into doing. He hasn’t gotten pissy with you once – even when you deserved it. Since the second Kate walked back into Dharmaville, Sawyer has talked about nothing but what a great life he had with you. Five seconds before decking him, Sawyer told Jack to walk over there and get Kate back. He has been the very definition of commitment.

I don’t care if he is carrying a small torch for some chick he knew for three months – three years ago. Actions speak, Lady.

(Yes. I would have gotten on the plane with Victor Laszlo.)

OK. Now I am done. Let’s talk about the important stuff:

I was thinking that John was an even bigger ass once he got back to the island. Now we know why. The best reveal for me was that Ben wasn’t all messed up about Roger Workman. He was all messed up because of Jacob.

I cheered like it was football season when I heard Vincent. Which reminds me of something funny that Maureen Ryan said at the Tribune. She was quoting the great lines in the episode and said:

Miles to all: “I’m glad you all thought this through.” Miles should go live with Rose and Bernard, honestly. And I would watch that show.

I would also watch that show.

24 is the show at which I am really rolling my eyes.

I am vaguely interested in seeing what Aaron does. Although that means watching more of Sherri Palmer jr. (who is so weepy and annoying that she doesn’t even deserve the nickname anymore – suggestions for something better?). I would also like to know what happens to Tony. Anne’s judgement is that he can live, but his girlfriend must die – she is responsible for the recycled Kim Bauer plot.

House. Um…so he didn’t detox. Or do the other stuff. So now he is going to detox. Really – I’m pretty sure we have been here before. I mean, the ride down is cool and all. But I was expecting a game-changer. I think it is too bad Kal Penn had to bolt out the door because I think they used their best material in those couple of episodes.

Now. I have tons of books to read and many movies to watch.

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