She’s Making Me Crazy

Eloise the Foster Gray, (shown here during the famous pizza-stealing incident) is making me freaking crazy.

I took her back to the Refuge for the week I was in Savannah. I left very detailed instructions on how I get her to eat. A lot. Because she is still on the long-term meds for the fungal infection and has trouble keeping her weight up. When I went to pick her up, I got the report:

She did the exact opposite of everything I said she would do. She chowed down on the Instant Ounces, when I said she was about done with it. She did not eat a single piece of real food – almond butter sandwiches, apples, grapes, pasta, grapes, etc. – that I said she had been eating. And she picked all of the feathers off her chest.

So I brought her back home and gave her an almond butter sandwich. She stuffed herself like a Thanksgiving turkey. Everything was back to normal.

Yesterday morning, I found that she had been picking at the skin of her feet. Raw to bleeding, sorry to be graphic. Back to the Refuge to treat the wounds. She looked good last night, and fine again this morning. When I got home tonight, she ate every crumb that I gave her. Then I gave her the anti-fungal medicine. Then I put the medicine on her foot. Then she jumped out of the towel, landed in the sink, broke a feather and started bleeding again . Back to the Refuge.

I am exhausted. And 24 isn’t helping. Go Tony.

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