Raves and Rants

I was saying that a lady in our office shaved her head for St. Baldrick’s Day. I saw her yesterday and she looks great. I’d post a picture, but I think that is crossing the line. Some women can pull off that look and she sure does. I asked her how she worked up the nerve. Her hair was as long as mine.

“I hated my hair,” she said. The event was the excuse to start all over. And now she can try every hairstyle in between. She is my hero.

And now to gripe about my job (which you aren’t supposed to do on the Internet)…

There are some cool things about working in HR and some things that are terrible. One of the terribles?

People assume that if someone is talking to me – sitting down in my workspace or theirs – that someone is about to get fired. It makes me crazy.

First. How often does someone really get fired around here? Second. Do you really think I am going to talk about that in a cubicle? Third. Is that all you think HR does? Plot to fire people? But mostly…

It’s personal. Do you really think that no one in this whole company talks to me about anything other than the termination of employment? That just hurts my feelings.

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