When the snow melts

When the snow melts, we see what has been sitting in the snow banks all winter long. At my office, that usually means cigarette butts.

I don’t mind smokers as a rule, but I do mind their littering. My real-life friends will know that I have three times had a lit cigarette discarded by a drive land inside my car.

Also, we see a lot of road kill. Mostly raccoons, but over the weekend, I swear I saw a deer on top of a snow bank. Sorry for being graphic, but I am seriously wondering if it had involved a snow plow and been there all winter.

On Monday, I was finally able to leave my office and crossed the parking lot to Taco Bell. Because the snow is piled at the back of the parking lot, there is no easy way to walk over there.

This is what is left. You can’t tell from the picture, but this mountain was six feet high when I snapped the shot.

It is going to snow again this weekend, so the mud will be covered with a dusting of white. For a few hours.

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