Birthdays and Christenings

Half the state was at my brother’s house this weekend. Friday night we celebrated my nephew and my father’s birthdays by having dinner at Lou Malnati’s. Pizza is one of the three foods that Alex really likes and Malnati’s is all Dad wants when he is in town, since he moved to Florida.

Saturday was Alex’s birthday party. It was also his uncle, Michael’s birthday. So there were two cakes. And cupcakes. I managed to get home in time to review my lectures and take my weekly Accounting quiz. Not feeling particularly confident, though.

Today was my niece Ainslie’s christening. I distracted Alex and his best friend, Ellie (also age 4) with the camera phone. Worked for five minutes. Mostly, they took pictures of each other, and they all came out blurry. But Ellie went for the “flowers”:

The baptismal font (or whatever it is called) is huge in that church. And they do a full (well, up to the chest) “immersion” of the child. Would you believe that the priest told Alex and Ellie that sometimes snakes come out of this thing? Alex did two laps around it, looking for snakes from every angle, which was funny. And so not what I thought he would do:

And then we had an ice cream cake.

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