Dirty, Dirty Traitor

I was in junior high school when I discovered the wonderful, wonderful world of bath products.

Before I knew any more about skin care than benzoyl peroxide (which I am sure I could have properly spelled at the time), I was spending my daddy’s money on shower gel. The Body Shop was the first of these stores. Then came Bath and Body Works.

Bath and Body Works had distinct advantages:

Longer product line. With more scents from which to choose.
All American. They are based in Ohio, and their “manufacturing” was local.
There is one in every shopping mall in the United States.
Less freaking expensive.

I have been a loyal customer for many years. Then something happened:

I have twice been told, by a professional aesthetician, that it is time to do something about the sun damage on my face. Products containing Vitamin C were recommended. Mario Tricoci tried to sell me a serum for $138. I nearly choked.

I did some homework online and found that The Body Shop has an entire line of Vitamin C products for your face. The comparable serum, used underneath the daily moisturizer, retails for $26. Sold.

While making the purchase, I was informed that The Body Shop has a membership thing. $10 per year, 10% off everything you buy and then rewards and stuff. Sold.

Then I remembered why I liked them in the first place:

No animal testing – as opposed to “The final product has not been tested on animals”.
Fair trade on product ingredients – not all of them, but they’re trying.
Packaging is all recyclable.

So. I tried this Vitamin C thing. And I do believe it is working. So I went back today to pick up some more stuff. And found they were doing a “Spend $25 and get this free” – like at the makeup counter:

This store is not in every mall. In fact, it is a bit of a pain to go there. And it certainly costs more. But I think I love it.

2 Comments on “Dirty, Dirty Traitor

  1. Didn't know Bath & Body Works was made in the US. Interesting.If you like stuff never tested in animals, LUSH makes great stuff, though they are slowly opening more of a mall presence, they are originally from the UK and Canada and are also online.

  2. I'm not sure that B&BW is still manufactured in Ohio. But it was when I was in high school. Before NAFTA.We do have a few locations of Lush. That store smells great! But the last time I checked they were doing mostly bar soaps and right now I am all about the winter creams!

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