Learning New Things

Thursday night, I took Eloise the Foster Grey back to the Refuge. My mother said she would be missed and we talked about bringing her back after her check up with the doctor, when I return to town.

Eloise has settled down a whole lot in the last week. Once we figured out that she hated being in Kiwi’s flight path, we adjusted play time and she was much happier. Her feathers are even starting to grow back in.

As I put Eloise in the carrier, Kiwi said, “You’re o.k. Good girl.”

I mentioned that Eloise whistles Bridge on the River Kwai, and that I wondered if Kiwi was trying to pick it up. When I returned home, Mom said that Kiwi did the first few bars while I was gone.

I. Was. Right.

Later, I brought her upstairs while I was packing. She did it again! She doesn’t have the whole thing, but it is unmistakeable.

Eloise is so coming back here next week.

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