It Has Come to This

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a charger station. I had so many cords and plugging and unplugging and the Blackberry can’t last the weekend without some juice so I picked this up at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Pictured are the Kindle my brother gave me for Christmas, my iPod, my work Blackberry and then my personal cell phone down in front. That I haven’t turned on in months.

The store had three models. I picked the mid-range one that included a power strip. I actually had to swap out powerstrips because the cord on this one didn’t reach down to my outlet.

I was hoping for some extra space to store batteries and thing. The little drawer barely holds my spare cords, let alone anything for my camera:

This was #2 on the List of things I must buy to keep up with the gadgets my family buys me. #1 is an external hard drive, which I haven’t bought yet. When my mother gave me the big iPod I determined that it was time to put the entire music collection down and back it up. As opposed to the 3 gigs I have on the old Nano. But the task seems overwhelming right now.

I want it noted for the record that I am doing my part for the economy.

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