Reflections and the New Year

This is what I said last January 1:

I think New Year’s Resolutions are crap, but since pretending to have a game plan is good, here is what I expect 2008 to look like:

  • Working Full Time
  • Volunteering once a week at the parrot rescue
  • Volunteering once a week at the library
  • Complete at least two (four if I can stand it) courses down toward the master’s degree
  • Complete the 50 Book Challenge
  • Excercise regularly
  • I am going to go away on an actual vacation – haven’t figured out where yet
  • I could say I plan to eat better, but we know that isn’t going to happen.

I didn’t do too badly. I stayed active volunteering. I completed four courses toward the degree. Just barely finished the 50 BooksChallenge. Exercise wasn’t great, but not a total disaster. And I took the fabulous road trip to Mt. Rushmore.

Last night, hanging out with some friends, I realized that I hadn’t seen most of them since last New Years. I ought to do something about that. But really, when classes are in session, they take an awful lot of time and what I have left I generally reserve for my nephew. Over the summer, though, there is really no excuse. So. Here is the pretend game plan for 2009:

  1. Finish the Master’s program
  2. Keep up with work, reading, and volunteering
  3. Step up the exercise
  4. Make my friends a priority again

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