Shoes Again

I have been on a mission from God for a pair of decent boots. I have cute leather ankle boots, but last year’s attempt at something warm and relatively waterproof that did not involve the word Ugg failed miserably. I looked online and found some stuff, but I really have to try shoes on before I buy them.

Famous Footwear: Nothing in my size.

DSW: Nothing in my size.

Carsons: I called my mother. I was one of the horrible people on her cell phone in the shoe department.

Me: I could spend $70 on a warmish pair of Naturalizers or go to Dick’s Sporting Goods and spend $100 on some rock-solid-not-a-flake-of-snow will get through them boots.

Her: Or you could spend $170 and get both.

Not helpful. I went to Dick’s. Nothing. In. My. Size.

Finally, I get to Sports Authority. Their boots do not come in half sizes, which was terribly inconvenient. Know what is even more inconvenient? The pair that I bought was not on the website, so you have to settle for my picture:

You probably can’t read that tag, but it says “-25° F”. Meaning that my feet will not get cold until it is 25 degrees below zero. $55 after taxes and my cool coupon. But once I traipse through the winter slush in them, I can hardly wear them around the office. So I went back to Famous Footwear for these:

And because they are still running BOGO ½ OFF, I picked up a gift for Alex. His fourth birthday is next month. He loves basketball and I am pretty sure his next Rite of Passage is the Tying of the Shoes. I’m being encouraging and stuff:

Seriously, how cute is that?

The three combined still cost less than $100, thank you very much. Why am I telling you another shopping story? Because it took me over a week to find a pair of boots!

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