Scruples Salon and Spa

On that same trip to Hallmark, I walked by the Scruples Salon and Spa in Glenview. There was a big sign on the door that said they were running a special this month – 60 minute facial or massage for $39.95. That is called, “Worth the experiment”. I walked in to see if they could get me in any time before the end of the month. Lady in front said that she just that minute had a guy call to cancel and she could take me right then. Fate or total scam? You be the judge.

The truth is that I had been there before, but for my hair, not for the spa. The stylist did an ok job, but I wasn’t thrilled with the color and there is nothing at all to cutting my hair so I never bothered to go back.

The aesthetician, as I think they are called, showed me the room and waited for me to change. When she came back, she asked all of the right questions and made a couple of good observations. Namely that I don’t wear enough SPF and it is starting to show in real, grown up damage to my skin. (Sigh.)

The table was squeaky, which was distracting. She also had to move it, with me already lying down, more than once because the room was so small and not everything was in her reach. But the most distracting thing? She wore plastic gloves the entire time. So if the “relaxing” is important to you, this is not the place to go.

On the plus side, it seemed a very functional facial (although the jury is out for a good week until I know nothing caused another break out), and no one tried to sell me anything. In fact, the aesthetician actually said that if I don’t want to pay for a fancy exfoliator, I should use sugar and olive oil.

The regular price of the treatment I had is $65, which is pretty standard for a no-frills, clear-your-skin facial. I wouldn’t recommend it for “spa day”. But for $39.95? Get in there before the end of the month!

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