The Christmas Shopping

I am very done Christmas shopping.

I do not buy gifts for that many people, so it isn’t a terribly big feat. I did a lot online. In fact, I am wondering if it is time to sign up for the rewards program at I am not physically setting foot into that store again.

Ben Stein was talking on CBS Sunday Morning, about something that I have been pondering. I have been half serious about saving money. Fiscal responsibility beginning at home and whatever. Stein, who always preaches conservative finances, was saying that those of us that can afford it ought to spend some money and support the economy. And he went even further to make a plea for charitable giving, which is clearly suffering this year.

Did I mention that my building’s Toys for Tots collection was barely half of what we pulled together last year?

So first, let me say one more time that I am extremely grateful for my job. My company is fabulous and my boss is wonderful and we are as stable as anyone could hope right now.

Second, I just realized that I haven’t yet made my annual contribution to Best Friends Animal Society. I shall go do that now. You can sponsor an animal at the sanctuary for $25 a year!

One Comment on “The Christmas Shopping

  1. I know what you mean about Toys R Us. That place is hellacious any time of year, much less this time of year. Good for you on getting all your gifts! I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying mine on Dec 24.

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