The End of the Semester

The final exam seemed easy, but was full of trick questions. Like when there is a fill in the blank that has four blanks, suggesting that four words will go there. I look at the answers. They all pretty much make sense, but no magic words are jumping out. But. Three of the answers are three words long. The fourth answer has four words. To go in four blanks. So I pick it.


I was pretty ticked at myself for falling for the trick questions. But my classmates are ticked at the professor. Apparently they think that writing trick questions tests our knowledge of the English language instead of our knowledge of the material. I think that I was being intellectually lazy on a couple of questions and deserved the grade I received. There was, after all, a curve.

I have been know to argue a grade, but this time I am taking my B+ and running.

I have ordered my books for the next class – Accounting – and am now settling down for a long winter’s nap.

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