End of the Semester

I have taken the final exam and now have 4 ½ weeks off from school. I have three more working days until I am done for the holidays (although really, I must get better about using my vacation time earlier in the year).

I am mostly done with my Christmas shopping. Just one co-worker and some stocking stuffers. I am satisfied that I have successfully supported the economy without spending more than I can afford.

I have eight books to read in order to complete the 50 Book Challenge. I expect to finish two by the end of the weekend.

However. My laptop has been giving me the, “Dude, seriously. Your hard drive is about to crash,” message every 10 minutes. I am taking it to my brother the quasi-techie tomorrow.

Tonight, I plan to do absolutely nothing.

After I stop at the Refuge for an hour to close up.

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