Thanksgiving Dinner Review

Because we weren’t sure when the niece would arrive (the answer is yesterday), I wasn’t sure whether there would be four or seven for dinner. Also because we weren’t sure when the niece would arrive, we didn’t know if dinner would be at my house or packed up and taken to my brother. The plan:

Fresh Market set up the pre-cooked carry out menu. You pre-order and then pick up on Wednesday. Reheat on Thursday – then send you home with an instruction sheet. I chose this one:

Traditional Holiday Dinner (Serves 6-8) – $79.99

10-12 lb Fully Cooked Turkey (regular or smoked)
3 pounds of Traditional Herb Stuffing
3 pounds of Yukon Gold Whipped Potatoes
30 ounces of Home-Style Turkey Gravy
1½ pounds of Cranberry Relish
1 dozen Soft Yeast Rolls

The store had trouble with my order in that they couldn’t find it and had to pack it up while I was waiting and trying not to get killed by last minute grocery shoppers. That was a bit disappointing in that I hadn’t just pre-ordered onsite – I had pre-paid onsite.

The food was really good. The turkey had to cook for a couple of hours, so a complete amateur might have had a bit of trouble. My mother followed the “time” of cooking, rather than using a thermometer, so she had trouble carving it..(“The meat is just falling off the bone!”) but it wasn’t dried out or anything.

I heated up the potatoes in the conventional oven, but because I was required to make green bean casserole I ended up putting the stuffing in the microwave. It turned out just fine.

My grandfather was all..”Your cooking is better”, but we were perfectly happy and the work was minimal.

There were other vegetables that we could have added on, and of course there were desserts. The basic meal was plenty for us. Good showing by Fresh Market.

2 Comments on “Thanksgiving Dinner Review

  1. The ratios of that food seems side-dish heavy, but tasty. We used almost no gravy so that sounds like a boat load of gravy to me. But nice not to have to mess with things to much, I bet.

  2. Hm. Interesting observation. I remember telling my mother not to bother carving the whole turkey before dinner, because there were only four of us. And she packed up the leftovers to send home with people so fast that I didn’t get to take a post-meal inventory. So you very well might be correct.There was definitely a boatload of gravy.

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