The Deep Tissue Massage

I am something of a spa junkie. Not in a seaweed wrap/mud bath sort of way. But in a “If you want to know where to go, call Anne” way. This is because when word got around that I am something of a spa junkie, people started to give me gift certificates to new places and I try them out.

The first time I went to the suburban chain, Heavenly Massage, it was with their $99 Day at the Spa advertisement. Facial, massage and pedicure. My verdict was that it was perfectly functional, but I felt very shuffled around and it was not the place for the “relaxing spa” experience (they don’t put you in a big fluffy robe with a tall glass of ice water, and the reception area shares space with the waiting area and the manicure room. Loud.) . Particularly awkward, I remember, was that the three ladies that took care of me were all of the eastern European – little patience for modesty – types.

Having said that, when I want a good deal on a massage that grinds my muscles into pudding, this is where I go. And since by Tuesday I knew I wasn’t going to make it through this week, I took today off and called this morning for an appointment.

The Deep Tissue Massage is not what you do when you want to “relax”. It is what you do when the muscles between your neck and shoulder blades actually hurt to touch. This is not for the la-di-da spa experience. In fact, it is sometimes actually painful. And afterward, your skin might even “feel the burn”. Hot stone treatments are good for the kind of relaxing that could put you to sleep. Swedish massage is the thing in between. Good for the newbies.

Heavenly Massage always advertises one deal or another in the mail, so I never go without one. The current special was 50 minutes for $39.99 which is, I imagine, meant to compete with the new chain that is starting to pop up around town (Massage Envy, I think it is called. Haven’t been there). I upgraded to an hour, so I paid 50 bucks, before the tip, for a $60 treatment. (Please note: while Heavenly Massage takes Visa and MC, they will not put gratuity on the cards. So take cash.)

I needed it. You know how I know I needed it? Because the therapist, Meloney (yes, I did spell that correctly), spent so much time on my shoulders that she skipped other parts of my body to keep the appointment to an hour. But I feel so much better now.

Next Time: Edumacation on the Therapeutic Facial

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