Consumer Report – Costco

The Costco near my house has put in a gasoline station. I went there for the first time today.

My Observations:

  1. The cost was $4.23 per gallon, which was two cents less than the BP up the block. The BP had about the lowest price around this weekend, but it is not reliably so.
  2. It was 10:40 a.m. on Monday and I snuck into the last open spot for a gas pump. Not a good sign.
  3. Remember that Costco is members-only and accepts American Express or debit cards. Not a problem for me, but not easy for everyone.
  4. To get to the Costco, you have to go into the Costco parking lot. Not exactly swinging through at a stop light.


Two cents per gallon is not worth going out of my way, and certainly not worth having to wait to get to the gas pump. But I’ll use it if I happen to be over there. During the week.

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