At the Refuge – Kasper

I believe I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Peachie the Mollucan Cockatoo had laid an egg. My African Grey, Kiwi, was at the vet last week for her annual exam. I reminded Dr. Sakas that Kiwi likes to celebrate the 4th of July by laying eggs and trying to kill me. I should really post those pictures. He examined her and said that she seems to be in “early reproductive cycle”. Which sounds like “there aren’t any eggs in there right now, but she’s thinking about it”.

Parrots generally lay eggs when they feel all safe an secure and make the nest all homey. So among the tricks to stop them from laying is to mix it up. Move their toys around, or even the cage itself. Change the routine a bit. Six months ago I brought another bird into the house. Three months ago I bought her a whole new cage. And still she is thinking about laying eggs.

At the Refuge tonight, the cockatoos were so loud I couldn’t think straight. And all aggressive, too. The feather picking birds are particularly picky – all signs of raging hormones. I opened the cage door tonight for Kasper, the Lesser Sulfer Crested Cockatoo, so I could clean her cage and she came out very nicely. She took her almond and went to work on it while I removed her paper.

There was an egg.

She hadn’t been aggressive. She hadn’t been sitting on it, or defending it. Just laid an egg and went on with her happy day. It was remarkable.

Kasper doesn’t much like me, but she tolerates my presence in the Universe. She loves Megan and Erica and is all kisses and cuddles for them. So once you really win her over, you have a friend for life!

Kasper is available for adoption and you can read more about her here.

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