Chicagoland Pet Expo

This weekend the Chicagoland Pet Expo was held at Arlington Race Track. The picture was the winner of the photo contest.

The Refuge has a booth there each year and I went to visit Friday after work. Can’t stand the weekend crowd.

I made sure that I had plenty of single dollar bills, because practically every animal shelter in the state is there. One has taught the dogs a trick – to take the donations from the people and place them in the bucket.

The Refuge was right next to Heartland Animal Shelter, which is very near my home and they had a darling German Shepard puppy that I played with before handing them my money. Won a new bed for my cat there, too.
While the Expo is always fun, and great exposure for the Refuge, it also highlights for me how many, many homeless pets there are. So do me a favor and give your dog (or cat or bird or iguana) a kiss today.

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