Christmas Classics from the Modern Library 48 for the 50 Book Challenge
Book 5 for The Holiday Reading Challenge

I forget when I picked up Christmas Classics, but it has been on my shelf for awhile.  And I don’t know what I was thinking, because I had already read most of what was in there and believe me, except for the Linus speech from the Bible, these exerpts are better taken in their entirety from the original source.

There were pieces from A Christmas Carol and Little Women (gag) and The Pickwick Papers.  I hadn’t read O. Henry’s “Gift of the Magi” before, and I enjoyed that.   But “The Fir”, by Hans Christian Anderson is (don’t laugh) part of the reason that I can’t have a real Christmas Tree!

The most enjoyable piece was a Sherlock Holmes tale set over the Christmas Holiday, that has little to do with Christmas other than the proverbial goose.

Overall, if you have a family that likes to sit around the fire and read these things, Christmas Classics is a great book.  I’d rather taken my Dickens straight up.

This was my last book for the Holiday Reading Challenge.  Thanks to Nely for setting it up.  I wouldn’t have read five holiday books otherwise!

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