Macintosh…The Naked Truth, by Scott Kelby 41

I forget where I found Macintosh…The Naked Truth.  Some book sale or another, so long ago.  I’ve been thinking for awhile that my next computer might be a Mac and I’ve been doing  a bit of homework.  Kelby is a magazine guy/blogger dedicated to Macs and this book is his perspective on being a Mac in a PC world.

I was about two pages in before I had to check the publication date – 2002.  That would be about five minutes after the original iPod was released and before they knew whether it would fly.

Apparently, before the iPod, Mac people felt persecuted.  There was a whole sociological drama involving PCs and Macs that was totally over my head. 

I use a PC because that is what they use in my office.  And what they used in my school computer lab.  I never thought Mac people were losers or suckers or foolish or lame, but apparently the real PC users did.  If you had asked me cold why someone would buy a Mac, I would have said the graphics stuff was better.  Macs were better for artists and PCs were for better for spreadsheet people.

Kelby has story after story about horrible PC people geeking out in his face about how lame the Mac is.  It was fun for about 80 pages and then I started reading faster.  He talks about how all of the people in the Big Box electronics stores were PC experts, clueless about Macs and mean to Mac people. 

I went to Best Buy one day and talked to a guy about Macs. He asked what I used my home computer for. I felt incredibly lame, but I told the truth: music, movies and Internet. He told me that I would love the Mac. Opposite of the experiences Kelby describes.

I take this as evidence of the game changer that was iPod.  Followed by the iPhone, which even my brother has.  I imagine that the iPad will only make it more dramatic.

Kelby’s book wasn’t what I was hoping for in that it wasn’t warm and fuzzy and welcoming to me as a PC User On the Brink.  But I sure learned a lot.

2 Comments on “Macintosh…The Naked Truth, by Scott Kelby

  1. My family have been Mac users since way back when, and I do think that there has been a shift in how people react to them. But also, I work in Information Technology, and there is still a huge divide between the PC users (the majority) and the Mac users. And in how the IT staff sees them. But for personal use, I totally would recommend a Mac. Just even the lack of any viruses thing. I have known a few novice users with PCs who end up having to spend hundreds of dollars to get them cleaned by professionals.

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