Chance Occurrence, by Kristin Shaver
Book 25

I read Chance Occurrence, a screenplay available on the Kindle, because Kristin Shaver is my friend.  She helped me cram for my Biology final when I had barely attended a lecture all semester.  She always had a stash of trashy romance novels for when I was brain fried.  And she was a good drunk.

It’s that second one that I was worried about when I opened this up.  30-something singleton who has always played it safe has a near miss car accident and a bad day at work before deciding to start her dream business with her best friend and a handsome stranger.  While it is a bit more Lifetime Movie that my usual read, I enjoyed it.  But she asked for constructive criticism, so (deep breath) here it goes:

I am all about character development and I missed some things with the supporting characters.  At the top of my list was the heroine’s mother.  I am absolutely fascinated by the different ways that first generation Americans assimilate or don’t into the culture.  Kristin starts to go there, but the plot is moving too fast to linger.  I think that might be the nature of the beast when you are dealing with a screenplay as opposed to a novel.

The Stranger wasn’t quite creepy enough for me.  I am thinking that might also be something that doesn’t quite translate into a screenplay.  When I think about seeing it cinematically, it works better, but I really have to think about it.

Overall, I am happy to say it was a really good piece and I am looking forward to seeing what Kristin does next. 

One Comment on “Chance Occurrence, by Kristin Shaver

  1. Thanks, Anne! I LOVED your very contructive criticism. It was so nice of you to take the time to read my screenplay and to comment on it.

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