Reprinting the Love

Chicago has been getting a lot of attention lately, thanks to our friendly neighborhood President-Elect. But John Scalzi wrote something the other day that I find worth repeating:

“This is a good a place as any for me to trot out my reason why I think Chicago is so special: It’s the largest city in the US that is truly an American city. New York and Los Angeles are great, don’t get me wrong — you all know I’m from the LA area — but I think of them as international cities, with New York looking toward Europe and Africa, and Los Angeles looking toward Asia and Latin America. Chicago, on the other hand, looks out toward the rest of the U.S.; it’s got a unique sensibility that’s both cosmopolitan and heartland. I would go so far as to say it’s the Great American City. You can argue with me about that, if you like, but you’re not going to get too far.”

We know the Eastern Establishment and the West Coast..however you label them…look down on us. “Flyover” territory. I remember a radio DJ on a rant a couple of years ago. Saying something like, “There are too many people here, anyway. We don’t need you jokers.” Of course, that guy wouldn’t count me in the club, seeing as how I live outside city limits.

Anyway. Scalzi’s comment – particularly about the Midwestern Sensibility – is probably why I can’t seem to bring myself to leave.

That and I am 20 minutes from a direct flight to anywhere. But this is what I really want to tell everyone on the Internet:

The Obama family did not make Chicago cool. They just swung the spotlight over for a minute.

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